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Linux / BSD
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PeaZip 64 bit 5.6.1

Free WinZip / WinRar alternative

Open Source rar file opener alternative

Open Source RAR file opener software

Free archive manager alternative to WinRar and similar tools

Over 150 archive formats supported for extraction
PeaZip 64 bit is optimized for MS Windows 64 bit systems,
runs on Microsoft Windows XP 64 bit, Vista/7/8/10 64 bit

file archiving utility

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SourceForgefree alternative for winrar and similar tools

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peazip.orgalternative similar to winrar open source

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file archival application

open source rar software
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Open RAR files and 150+ formats

free rar file manager software
Full read/write support: 7Z, FreeArc's ARC, BZ2, GZip, *PAQ, PEA, self-extracting archives, TAR/TGZ/TBZ, UPX, WIM, XZ, and ZIP files.
Open/extract ACE, ARJ, DMG, ISO, CAB, PAK, RAR, UDF, ZIPX and more formats, handle encrypted and split files.

Free alternative to WinRar / WinZip

open rar files
Innovative and easy to use archive manager tool, makes extremely simple to fine tune archiving / compression, and extraction tasks, integrating a full featured file manager. Freeware alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar utilities, Open Source replacement for proprietary tools.

Powerful 64 bit archive manager

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Tasks created in the GUI can be easily saved as batch scripts, in order to programmatically automate backup operations - for optimization, or learning purpose, bridging the gap between the ease of use of GUI-based archive manager utilities and the power and flexibility of CL console.

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free alternative to WinRar


These application packages contain only free, safe software, Open Source under OSIOSI approved license terms definition: they does not contain third party sponsored offers (such as in-installer advertising) or any harmful software.
The application is fully functional, without any limitation: it does not require product key / serial number / password, it has no expiration term (by date or number of usages), and no type of "trial" limiting, nor in terms of maximum number of users / machines / concurrent sessions, nor in terms of program's features.

PeaZip is freeware software, providing general-purpose archive manager and file manager tools, and it is released under Open Source license LGPLv3, that means this application is free of charge for any use (personal and professional, business and government, etc...), modification, and distribution.

PeaZip 64 bit archive manager utility is optimized for x86-64Intel 64 bit CPU platform / AMD64 architecture and it is meant only for WIN64WIN64 software platform compatible systems. On recent Microsoft Windows systems you can check detailed Operating System information of your device right-clicking the "Computer" icon on the desktop, "Properties" screen.

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