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PeaZip, free file archiver utility, Open Source WinRar / WinZip alternative software providing unified cross-platform portable GUI for tools as 7-Zip, FreeArc, PAQ, UPX.
Create 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, PAQ, PEA, self-extracting archives, TAR, WIM, XZ, ZIP files
Open and extract 150+ archive types: ACE, CAB, DMG, ISO, RAR, UDF, ZIPX files...
Features includes: extract, create and convert multiple archives at once, split / join files, strong encryption with two factor authentication, encrypted password manager, secure delete, find duplicate files, calculate hash value, export job definition as script to automate backup / restore.

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How to create RAR files

rar files

Create archives compressed in RAR file format with PeaZip

rar files

Create archives compressed in RAR file format with PeaZip

is a popular data archival and compression format introduced for WinRARcreate rar files (Eugene Roshal, 1995), file archive utility released for MS Windows operating systems only.
RAR provides very good compression ratio and data recovery capabilities (if optional recovery records are used while creating the archive), and moreover features optional AES based encryption.

PeaZip, freeware and open source archiver utility, can browse, test and extract RAR files on Linux and Windows, using the Open Source code written by Igor Pavlov in 7-Zipfree rar files utility and its POSIX port p7zip project.

rar compression

No free software utility is available for create RAR compressed files: UNRAR is available as free and open source software for allowing extraction of RAR archives both on Linux and Microsoft Windows with the clause of not reverse engineering the code for implementing RAR compression.
The non reverse engineering clause about the RAR compression algorithm apply as well for any rewritten version, so no free RAR compressor can be created.

Consequently, due to RAR's license constrains, no free software can be written to be natively capable of writing RAR archives (which is required both for RAR archive creation, update and repairing), unless calling Windows-only WinRar's executables (i.e. rar.exe), that requires having WinRar (shareware, free for 40 days only) downloaded and installed as a separate product.
Please note that WinRar license's time trial legal limitations apply to any part of the package (as i.e. rar.exe) as well, even if it does not display the warning screen as the main WinRar's GUI executable.

Creation of RAR archives from PeaZip
With WinRar installed in the system, you can use PeaZip's "Custom" archive type interface to use rar.exe to create RAR format archives through PeaZip's GUI:
  1. chose "Custom" format in compression dialog and the first time go to "Advanced" tab to tell PeaZip how to use the executable
  2. identify where the rar.exe executable is saved in your system, and enter it in "Executable" field
  3. write a (which stands for create archive for rar.exe command line syntax) in "Parameters" filed
  4. select the second entry in "Syntax" dropdown menu: "parameters, output, input", so rar.exe will be able to parse PeaZip's frontend commands
Now any time you will select "Custom" format compression PeaZip will automatically use the syntax rar.exe a nameofthearchive nameoftheinputfiles

Please note that rar.exe command line syntax is not a 1:1 replacement of WinRar features, especially worth of notice is that "a" command creates the archive storing full paths (and creation storing relative paths option is not even featured) while WinRar GUI application creates by default archives storing relative paths.

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