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PeaZip for Linux x86-64 5.5.3

Handle RAR, 7Z, TAR, ZIP, and ZIPX files

extract rar archives

Free Open Source, portable file and archive manager utility.

Supported systems: any Linux x86-64 extract rar archives
Packages on the main Linux download page can be installed on x86_64 systems if ia32 libs are installed and architecture check is disabled when installing.

GTK2, compiled for i386, no architecture check, ia-32 libs required
DEB (all)

GTK2, natively compiled for x86_64, ia-32 libs required only for some additional backend binaries
Portable x86_64 no installation required

Extract Rar files, free Zip Unzip software for 64 bit Linux

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Handle 150+ archive formats

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Handle common archive types as .7Z, .BZ2, .GZ, .RAR, .TAR, .ZIP/.ZIPX and variants (.APK, .JAR, .PAK, .XPI), mount disk image files (.DMG, .ISO, .UDF), support legacy formats (.ACE, .LHA, .CPIO, .Z), and introduces experimental formats (.BALZ, .*PAQ, .QUAD, .ARC).

Open Source Zip / Unzip tool

rar files
PeaZip provides an unified graphic frontend for Open Source components (7-Zip/p7Zip, FreeARC, UPX, ZPAQ...), natively portable and independent from desktop environment - so the same GUI can be used while working in Gnome, KDE and other desktop managers.

Cross platform file archiver

zipx software
Features of PeaZip include conversion of existing archives, add and delete data from existing archives, search within archives and filesystem, secure delete, strong encryption, verify checksum and hash, identify duplicate files, split and merge...

x86_64 linux zip utility

linux x86_64 rar utility

linux x86_64 zipx utility
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